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Asia Clean Capital Cooperates with P&G on Solar PV Project

October 30, 2017

Asia Clean Capital ("ACC") announced a distributed solar power supply agreement with Procter & Gamble (Guangzhou) Consumer Products Co. Ltd.. Under the terms of the Agreement, ACC will invest 100 percent of the system cost and undertake the design, construction, and long-term system maintenance.

The solar system will make significant contribution to the local ecological environment. During its life cycle, the system is expected to reduce approximately 22 tons of SO2, 34,733 tons of CO2, and 64,835 tons of water consumption1.

As stated in P&G's 2016 Citizen Report, P&G is working towards its long-term environmental vision of powering all plants with 100% renewable energy. China has become one of the fastest growing markets for P&G, and the group has devoted itself to protecting the local environment and fulfilling its social responsibility.

Thomas Lapham, CEO of Asia Clean Capital, said "We are honored to provide solar energy to P&G Guangzhou. P&G is not only a multinational market leader in consumer goods, but also a leader in sustainable development. Together we have the opportunity to make great contribution to environment protection through solar."

About Asia Clean Capital

Asia Clean Capital Ltd. ("ACC") is a leading clean energy solutions developer that serves large multinational and domestic firms throughout China. Focused on rooftop solar projects, ACC invests 100 percent of the project costs and provides the design, engineering, equipment, government approvals, installation, and long-term maintenance of solar systems. All electricity produced is then provided to clients at agreed rates lower than when purchased from the local power grid. ACC's project sites are typically large production facilities with electric demand from one to twenty megawatts, existing clients including Nestle, Coca-Cola, Swire, COFCO, Wahaha, Danone, Volkswagen, SKF, Unilever, Andritz, WISCO, VAST, Fujitsu, Tsuneishi and others. The company has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Hong Kong.

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