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City of Ottawa
City fleet continues to go green

October 5, 2017

The Transportation Committee received the City's plan for the municipal fleet in 2018. The City plans to spend $25.7 million to replace 97 vehicles and pieces of equipment and to acquire 16 new vehicles. Funding for the new vehicles would be sought in the 2018 Budget.

If electric vehicle technology is ready for purchase, cost effective and able to meet operational needs, the City could begin introducing electric vehicles into its fleet in 2018. The City already owns 72 hybrid vehicles and is exploring the potential of modifying existing vans and pick-up trucks with hybrid technology. 

During the coming winter season, some snow clearing vehicles would run with broadband back-up alarms, as part of a pilot to address noise complaints about snow clearing equipment. The Committee approved a one-time draw of up to $120,000 for the pilot and, if successful, the installation of the alarms on the City's snow clearing vehicles.

Items approved at today's Transportation Committee will go to City Council on Wednesday, October 11.

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City of Ottawa

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