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HS Orka
HS Orka announces potential sale of 30% stake in the Blue Lagoon

July 17, 2017

Following several unsolicited expressions of interest, HS Orka announces that it will examine strategic alternatives for its 30% Blue Lagoon ownership interest, up to and including a full sale. HS Orka has engaged Stöplar Advisory to communicate with potential investors and administer the process. Ásgeir Margeirsson, CEO of HS Orka, said "HS Orka has been a Blue Lagoon shareholder from the beginning and has proudly supported its growth. The Blue Lagoon is now sizeable, prospering and continuing to grow. Although the Blue Lagoon is a uniquely attractive asset, it does not match HS Orka´s core business of power production and sales; therefore we've decided to initiate this process."

HS Orka holds a 30% stake in the Blue Lagoon. HS Orka's CEO and one of its board members are represented on the Blue Lagoon's Board of Directors. 

For further information please contact Jón Óttar Birgisson at Stöplar Advisory, job@stoplar.com or +354 856 2698.

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HS Orka


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