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Georgia Public Service Commission
Commission Approves Solar Facility for Robins Air Force Base
Sixth Solar Facility at Georgia Military Bases

May 18, 2017

The Georgia Public Service Commission (Commission) has unanimously approved the largest solar facility in Georgia that will provide power to a Georgia military base. The 139- Megawatt (MW) solar facility is located just outside Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia. Georgia Power Company will own and operate the facility on land leased from the Central Georgia Joint Development Authority.

Commissioner Lauren "Bubba" McDonald of Clarkesville and Commissioner Doug Everett of Albany joined with representatives from Georgia Power, Robins Air Force Base, local business and government for a news conference at the Robins Museum of Aviation to announce the approval of the facility. The Commission has approved more than 2500 MW of solar power into Georgia Power's portfolio.

"We're going to be introducing 139 megawatts of solar power into this region, and into the state, and into our renewable sources. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not just a Georgia project.  It's not just a Houston County project.  It's a project for America," said Commissioner McDonald.

"I am proud that the Commission is able to commit to renewable energy and strengthen our military bases without upward pressure on rates," said Commissioner Everett.

"Our Public Service Commission is committed to protecting our bases against closure by insuring they meet their energy goals set by the Pentagon," said Commission Vice-chair Tim Echols. "Georgia is home to the largest solar arrays on Department of Defense property."


The Robins Air Force Base project is a 139 MW alternating current ("AC") solar generation facility that will utilize both a fixed tilt (120 MW AC) and single-axis tracker system (19 MW AC), and will be located on land adjacent to the Robins Air Force Base with a projected commercial operation date of December 1, 2019.

The Robins Project will provide an economical supply of electric power for the Company's customers below projected avoided cost while also contributing towards the United States' military mandates regarding energy security and energy resiliency goals while providing a significant investment in another Georgia military base.

The Company currently has two separate Memorandums of Understanding ("MOU") with Robins Air Force Base and with Central Georgia Joint Development Authority (which owns the land on which the project will be constructed).  Based on these MOUs, the Company is expected to have long-term rights to the facility site based on a long-term lease, 35 years after Commercial Operation Date "COD"), with the Central Georgia Joint Development Authority that will begin at the start of construction and last through the expected life of the facility. 

The Georgia Public Service Commission is a five-member constitutional agency that exercises its authority and influence to ensure that consumers receive safe, reliable, and reasonably-priced telecommunications, electric and natural gas service from financially viable and technically competent companies. For more information on the Commission visit our web site at www.psc.state.ga.us.

Photo: (left to right) Georgia Power Vice President Norrie McKenzie, Commissioner Lauren "Bubba" McDonald, Commissioner Doug Everett at the Robins Museum of Aviation

For more information :

Georgia Public Service Commission

244 Washington St SW
Atlanta, Georgia
United States, 30334-9007

Bill Edge, Public Information Officer
Georgia Public Service Commission
Tel: 404-656-2316
Toll-free: 800-282-5813
E-mail: bille@psc.state.ga.us


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