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City of Regina Wins Saskatchewan Sustainability Award for Landfill Gas to Energy Facility

May 8, 2017

The City of Regina is pleased to be the recipient of a 2017 Sustainability Award at the Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Saskatchewan Education for Sustainable Development Recognition Event. The award recognizes organizations that are making our province more sustainable.

The City received the award for the Landfill Gas to Energy Facility, which uses waste gas from the landfill to generate electricity.

"We are happy to be recognized by RCE for this innovative facility that reduces greenhouse gas emission by about 30,000 tonnes per year," says Lisa Legault, Director of Solid Waste.
This facility collects methane gas, produced from the decomposition of organic waste in the landfill, and uses it to fuel an engine to generate one megawatt of electricity, enough to power 1,000 homes. The system captures a previously unused gas and turns it into a green energy source.

The City received the award on Wednesday, May 3 at RCE's Recognition Awards in Hafford, SK.

For more information :

City of Regina

Box 1790, 2476 Victoria Ave
Regina,, Saskatchewan
Canada, S4P 3C8


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