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Fortistar CNG Stations and Landfill Gas to Energy, Biomass and CHP Generation Avoided 2.1M Tons of GHG Emissions in 2016

May 3, 2017

Today (5/2), Fortistar, who invests in energy sources primarily focused on the transitioning to a zero-carbon economy, announced that it avoided 2.125 million tons of GHG emissions in 2016. That's the equivalent of driving round trip from New York City to Los Angeles approximately one million times.

The company builds, owns and operates natural gas cogeneration facilities, landfill gas to energy and biomass electric generating plants and CNG fueling stations throughout the United States and Canada.

"For nearly 30 years, Fortistar has been focused on the transition to lower carbon energy sources. We believe strongly that sustainable energy generation done right makes financial sense for private companies, municipalities and for federal agencies," said Mark Comora, President, Fortistar. "In the private sector, we've helped CEOs, CFOs and Chief Sustainability Officers understand that there are cleaner, healthier and cheaper alternatives to gas or diesel to fuel their fleets. With government agencies and municipalities, we've created a path for them to turn trash into an asset clean renewable energy. We believe that this is the right thing to do and have proven that it benefits the bottom line of our customers."

For more than three decades, Fortistar has built, invested in, owned, and managed an unparalleled portfolio of low-carbon energy initiatives in the United States and Canada.

Fortistar's investment and operational successes include:

  • 100+ compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations built or managed in states across the United States, including Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and California by portfolio company TruStar Energy;
  • 31 renewable landfill gas (LFG) to energy facilities with 180MW capacity for municipalities in Los Angeles, CA, Prince William County, VA and various locations for the Department of Defense;
  • 298MW of combined heat and power (CHP) electrical generating capacity and 1.8M lbs./hour combined steam generating capacity created by portfolio company Primary Energy Recycling for manufacturing plants in Illinois and Indiana; and
  • 65MW of renewable energy capacity generated by biomass in Canada.

Fortistar recognized the opportunities and challenges at the intersection of significantly increasing demand for energy and rising environmental concerns. Recognizing this, the company developed an investment strategy connecting people, capital and low-carbon energy solutions to return positive and sustainable results. This investment strategy has yielded long-term, growth-oriented low-carbon energy solutions that are cost-competitive with oil and coal. Further, Fortistar's ability to forge strong relationships with investors, customers and local communities has been a hallmark of company's formula for success.


Headquartered in White Plains, New York, Fortistar is an opportunity-oriented, astute private investment and energy asset management firm that is distinguished by its experienced people with a deep understanding of energy operations, financing and development. Fortistar owns and operates lower carbon energy generating assets that support the transition to zero carbon emissions.

For decades, the company has developed, invested in and managed an unparalleled portfolio of successful lower carbon energy initiatives in the United States and Canada, including cogeneration facilities; compressed natural gas fueling stations; landfill power plants; and biomass facilities.

Fortistar attributes its success to taking a long-term perspective of energy projects as well as having strong relationships with partners and local communities.

Fortistar companies include TruStar Energy, Primary Energy Recycling, Fortistar Methane Group, Fortistar Biomass Group, Clock.In and Carbonfree Chemicals.

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