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Upsolar Introduces its Floating Solar Technology to Europe

April 6, 2017

Upsolar System Italia Srl. the European subsidiary of Upsolar, a leading solar photovoltaic (PV) module producer and solutions providers is making its floating solar PV services available in Europe. Upsolar will use a structure exclusively created by Koine, a design company that specializes in floating platforms.

The entire solar array is made up of Upsolar modules that are mounted on top of a galvanized steel assembly which sits on top of high-density polyethylene floats, and is anchored in place by nylon cables. The system holds some distinct advantages over land-based solar plants where the surrounding body of water acts as a cooling system that lowers the panel's operating temperature, increasing the module efficiency by an average of 15% as well as the its lifespan. Cost of maintenance is also lower due to fewer land based factors such as vegetation growth that could cover and reduce the module performance.

"As the market for floating solar PV gains momentum, we believe that it is the right time to start introducing our technology and services to Europe," said Enrico Carniato, Group Deputy General Manager of Upsolar, "Higher panel efficiency and lower costs of land use is one of the driving factors on why people are taking a bigger interest in this. As well as the economic benefits, we can see the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Columbia and other regions where solar installations could be hindered by land restrictions or regulations greatly benefitting from floating solar PV."

About Upsolar

Upsolar is a leading international developer and producer of high quality solar PV modules at competitive prices, ensuring secure long-term investments for our customers around the world. By utilizing a fables, asset-light business model and top-tier module components, Upsolar is able to stay ahead of the demand curve and offer innovative, tailored PV technologies to meet customers' varying performance and aesthetic needs. All Upsolar modules are covered by industry-leading product warranties and performance guarantees, including third-party coverage options.

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