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Shifting the paradigm for offshore wind energy and wildlife impacts

March 24, 2017

Natural Power is exhibiting at the AWEA Wind Project Siting & Environmental Compliance Conference 2017 which takes place from 20th - 22nd March at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol in Austin, Texas.

The conference marks the first public appearance of Natural Power's New Head of Environment, Christine Sutter, who brings more than 25 years of experience in wildlife advisement and permitting throughout the US and Canada to the team. Natural Power's Senior Environmental Consultant, David Tidhar, will also present a poster on Shifting the paradigm for offshore wind energy and wildlife impacts' as part of the Networking Poster Reception from 16.45hrs to 17.45hrs on Tues 21st March.

David said: "As the US offshore wind industry celebrates the construction of the first utility-scale project, it is an opportune moment to shift the paradigm for how wind energy and wildlife projects are designed. Incorporating lessons learned from global studies, with a commitment to deliver fit-for-purpose results, our presentation explores best practice for offshore monitoring.

"Focusing effort on mortality monitoring to calculate mortality rates for birds or bats is not appropriate for offshore projects. Rather, investment in increasing an understanding of effective risk assessment methods, the drivers of mortality and avoidance for key receptors; and effective avoidance, minimisation and mitigation tools and methods are advocated."

David's presentation will look at the key receptors, cost effective assessment methods including aerial surveys, migration surveys, seabird tracking, and boat based surveys; as well as expected effects - before and after.

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