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Caverion has Been Awarded a Contract to Install Electrical and Ventilation Systems for the Hydropower Station Inn in Austria

March 2, 2017

Caverion has signed a EUR 5 million Large Project contract with Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Inn GmbH (GKI) - a consortium of the public sector clients Verbund Tiroler Wasserkraft AG (TIWAG), Engadiner Kraftwerke AG (EKW) and VERBUND AG - for the implementation planning and technical installation of Electricity and Ventilation systems, including the associated automation technology, for a new hydropower station.

In Austria Caverion has recently successfully completed, for example, the "Limberg II" hydropower plant on a similar scale. Construction work will begin in February 2017 and will be finished by end of 2020.

Sustainable and cross-border energy production

GKI is building a new cross-border hydropower plant in the upper Inn valley in cooperation with EKW, TIWAG and VERBUND to provide sustainably produced electricity to approximately 90,000 private households.

Caverion's work covers all areas of electrical engineering, such as medium and low voltage distribution, switchgear and plug-in devices, fire detection systems, safety, interior and exterior lighting, and cabling - including messaging and data. The order also includes the fitting of the ventilation systems and building management systems, and safety engineering.

"We constantly focus on working pro-actively, offering the best solutions for our clients, consequently optimising internal processes and costs. Caverion was selected to join the project due to its previous experience from similar operations and the existing, essential quality requirements for power plant projects," says Manfred Simmet, Senior Vice President & CEO, Division Austria of Caverion.

GKI belongs to Caverion's public sector/energy client segment.

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