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How to Improve the Economic Viability of Renewable Resources

by Dave Bryant, CTC Global

Leveraging modern conductors can improve the economic viability of renewable resources projects and enable the power grid to handle added electrical current. Renewable energy resources are often located miles away from local demand centers. Wind farms, for instance, are generally found far from city limits, located on windy mountaintops or rural, prairie lands. The electrical resistance of...... Read more



How to Improve the Economic Viability of Renewable Resources
by: Dave Bryant
The Key to Reliable Renewable Success: Integration Between Smart Grid DMS and DERMS
by: Gary Ockwell
Autonomous Versus Operator Directed DERMS
by: Gary Ockwell
The Engine Driving Distributed DERMS
by: Gary Ockwell
Architecture to Improve Renewable Resource Effectiveness
by: Gary Ockwell
Maximize the Benefits of Renewables
by: Gary Ockwell
Bringing Renewable Energy to the Grid
Volume 7, Issue 25

by: Jacob Susman
Southern California Edison, Green Home Builder, Habitat for Humanity Announce ABC Green Home 2.0
Volume 5, Issue 30

by: Christine Rombouts
State-of-the-art Battery and Energy Storage Testing Center Opens
Volume 5, Issue 19

by: Richard Fioravanti and Davion Hill, DNV GL
Solar as a Standard Feature
Volume 5, Issue 14

by: Jim Petersen
Canadian Hydropower – U.S. Markets
Volume 4 - Issue 26

by: Jon T. Brock
Long-Term Module Reliability: Re-Calibrating For Growth
Volume 4 - Issue 23

by: Jill Hansen
Distribution automation for disasters, ‘blue sky' days
vInvestment in DA packs most bang for the buck Volume 4 - Issue 22

by: John D. McDonald
Renewables in Ontario – Small stay FIT; Large to Compete
Volume 4 - Issue 19

by: Bernadette Corpuz, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Going Green in Canada – Tax Incentives
Volume 4 - Issue 12

by: Stephen Fyfe, National Leader, Tax Group at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
А Lean, Green Fighting Machine? Part 2: Competing Objectives in the Army's Renewable Initiative
Volume 4 - Issue 13

by: Baker Botts L.L.P.
Corporate Driven Sustainability
Volume 4 - Issue 11

by: Terry Wildman
Climate Shift
Volume 5, Issue 44

by: Terry Wildman
A Couple of Things…
Volume 7, Issue 20

by: Terry Wildman
Not banking on it
Volume 7, Issue 15

by: Terry Wildman
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